312.890.3323 │  andrew@habitsatwork.com

312.890.3323 │ andrew@habitsatwork.com

Andrew Sykes

Salesman, Speaker & Chief Habit Starter

Andrew is a veteran salesman and passionate advocate for the power of habits to create thriving, high-performance sales teams.

He founded the Behavioral Research Applied Laboratory (BRATLAB) whose team has spent the last 15 years uncovering which habits lead to high-performance teams in the workplace. 

Andrew has the privilege of combining his sales experience and passion for speaking to help organizations build and grow high-performance sales teams, using behavior-rooted sales techniques and high-performance sales habits.

Andrew has 20+ years of professional speaking and leadership experience, having consulted with and presented to some of the world’s largest companies, including Shell Oil, McDonald's, Nokia, British Aerospace, Unilever, Blue Cross Blue Shield and many others, and has the

Born and raised in South Africa, he has lived and worked on five different continents over the course of his career. He has a passion for transforming the art of selling, and is eager to share his ideas with others.