Habits of Selling

Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.
— Vince Lombardi



Insight & Understanding

Our curriculum is fueled by  BRATLAB's research into how people think, act and buy. Your team will understand what it means to sell to people's world views using Model-Based Selling, how to slash the sales cycle using Contract Selling, and the art of moving people emotionally through Story-Telling.





Confidence & Competence

We help your team grow their sales capability by role-playing various scenarios in our Sales Simulation Lab (SSL). Attendees are introduced to a peer-to-peer Step-Up Feedback system, designed to speed up skill growth during and after training. Each training program is designed around Spaced Repetition, the fastest way to mature skills. 



Mastery & Persistence

Habits at Work’s Context Design framework ensures habits stick. Our Sales Simulation Lab (SSL) creates muscle memory during training, and ongoing coaching refines skills and matures habits as your team continues to grow after their formal training is complete.